Aims and Objectives



  • We aim to provide a high standard of care for children/young people in a warm, safe, and homely accommodation that is non-institutionalised in its environment.
  • To help the child/young person to come to terms with problems related to separation from family and the difficulties of being away from home.
  • To work with sensitivity and understanding around the range of emotions and behaviour arising from their assessed needs and experiences.
  • To foster positive relations between peers and carers.
  • To provide a level of care and support that assists the child/young person to reach their full potential socially, emotionally, physically, educationally and economically.
  • To promote tolerance and respect for the differences in all people especially physically disabled children/young people.
  • To ensure that the care provided at The Little Flower Respite Home accords with the National Minimum Standards arising from the Children’s Homes (England) Regulations 2015.


  • To have a written Education Health and Care Plan (EHC Plan) or Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) for each child/young person that is understood and implemented by the care team after admission.
  • To allocate a key worker to each child/young person on admission and to allow him/her to choose that individual from the care team where possible.
  • To operate an admissions system that meets the child/young person’s immediate needs, especially in an emergency placement.
  • To foster positive links with parents, extended family, friends, and significant others within the parameters of the EHC or SEN Plan for each child/young person.
  • To promote the development of social skills via a range of indoor and outdoor activities within the capabilities of our placements.
  • To provide daily opportunities for the development of life skills towards independence where possible of service users.
  • To identify therapeutic needs of our placements and take action to arrange provision of services for them.
  • To ensure that there is close co-operation with social workers, parents and relevant others by making regular contact with them.
  • To provide nutritious food for each child/young person considering his/her cultural, dietary and other special needs.
  • To ensure that all staff is safely recruited through a rigorous recruitment process, fully inducted and receive appropriate supervision and training.
  • We will ensure that at all times the services we provide are conducted in a manner, which is consistent with our Statement of Purpose including any conditions imposed by OFSTED in our registration certificate.
  • We will ensure that all local authorities that we work with and those who have placements with us will be notified of any changes in the Statement of Purpose.
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